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'Value Added' is GDP, U.S Output Minus U.S Input. They Tax What They Want Less Of.

'Value Added' is GDP, U.S Output Minus U.S Input. They Tax What They Want Less Of.
GDP tax: they tax what they want less of.

I studied Economics at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. When an economist reads 'VAT', they don't think "a value-added tax", as you mere workers/taxpayers are meant to think, but rather an economist sees "a Tax on the Value Added".

It should enter the public debate that "Value Added" is a business term; an economics term that means GDP, or Gross Domestic Product. That is, the wealth creation of the United States of America. The "Value Added" of any organization is equal to the Outputs minus the Inputs. It is the fundamental wealth capacity of that organization.

It is fundamentally dishonest to give GDP tax the acronym "VAT", of course, but such dishonesty seems to be at the heart of modern government!

There is nothing about VAT that adds value. The only value-adding is done by the backs and minds of the American people. A tax (by the way, the etymology of the word tax is a simple derivation of "takes") on GDP simply guarantees that the the GDP of the country, and thus its core prosperity, will go down.

Government coffers will increase, that is for sure, but the size of U.S. GDP decrease, relative to where it would be without such a tax.

Fundamentally, the system of taxes and benefits is nothing but a carrot and stick operation. They give "benefits" for what they want more of and tax what they want less of.

Now, the group of people with "family friends" who bombed the Pentagon, and who attend "churches" that espouse the belief "G-- D--- America", plan to tax America's GDP.

7:37 AM, Tuesday 27th April, 2010Category Economics


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